byte the bar, shred the gnar

The all natural, vegan, energy bar


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SPorty af (and fun)

Established in Denver, Colorado the Byte team loves the Rocky Mountains for the active playground it provides all year round. As female athletes, the cousin duo and co-founders hated the extra sugars and junk found in many energy snacks. We found ourselves wanting something healthy af. So we made Byte Bars. The clean and lasting energy you need for your activity.

Today Byte Bars are made lovingly with tasty, all natural, gluten free and vegan ingredients, fueling your body on the field and in the snow. Byte the bar, shred the gnar.


delicious af

Fueling you with simple, whole, vegan ingredients, these yummy round bytes kick your cravings to the curb, leaving you with no regrets.

We added MCT oil which is scientifically proven to burn fat while feeding your brain and body power.

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